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Farming Field

BlueTechValley Plans, or what we like to call BTV Plans, is an opportunity to take a look at technology readiness, and the overall strength of your technology and business.  

Engineer Inspecting Gas Line

Participate in our business accelerator program where you will engage closely with industry leaders, investors, and fellow entrepreneurs in the agriculture, water, and energy-technology space. 

Watering the Garden

Tie together any loose ends with our Technology Innovation Evaluation Program (TIE). The TIE process provides a valuable product assessment and a plan to move your effort forward

Checking the Crops

The BlueTechValley Innovation Cluster is partnering with UC Davis to offer entrepreneurs an opportunity to collaborate, develop and test business visions and plans. The Big Bang! The Business plan competition also offers mentorship, team building, and education, financing and networking for aspiring entrepreneurs.


BlueTechValley offers a plethora of resources to our members, including exclusive access to programs that will help your business thrive.

Outdoors Meeting
Signing a Contract
Planting Trees
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The Center for Irrigation Technology and the Water, Energy and Technology Center are working to bring the world the most innovative products and resource management tools through its many programs, including Valley Ventures, BlueTechValley.